Nashville, Tennessee

March 07, 2010 – Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee map

Nashville, Tennessee was the first city we visited where we really contemplated moving to and just not coming home!  And Tennessee as a whole would be a most amazing state to call home.  I loved seeing all of the country music lovin’ in Nashville, and all the people playing guitars.  We drove and walked around the city the entire day, up until about 3pm.  At that time, we lined up outside of a music venue to wait for the whole reason of this trip – the They Might Be Giants concert!  They’re our favorite band, and we so loved the opportunity to go see them in concert for a second amazing time.

Nashville, TennesseeTravels With SonnyNashville, TennesseeNashville, TennesseeNashville, TennesseeNashville, TennesseeNashville, TennesseeNashville, TennesseeCountry Music Hall of Fame

We found Reba’s star!  Squeeeee!

Country Music Hall of FameNashville, TennesseeNashville, TennesseeNashville, TennesseeNashville, Tennessee

Centennial Park in Nashville was such an awesome park!  It had a replica of the Parthenon and people milling about everywhere enjoying the amazing weather.

Centennial Park Nashville

This photo of the pigeon is still one of my favorite images I’ve ever taken on a trip.  <3

Centennial Park NashvilleCentennial Park Nashville

We also really enjoyed Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park in Nashville.  It covered even more land, and there was just so much to see and do.

Bicentennial Mall State Park NashvilleBicentennial Mall State Park NashvilleBicentennial Mall State Park Nashville

This being our second They Might Be Giants concert, we kinda drove by the venue they would be playing at, Exit In, to make sure we didn’t need to stop to wait in line yet.  Because we were most definitely willing to stand in line for hours upon hours to make sure we got to touch the stage!

Exit In Nashville

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