Knoxville, Tennessee

March 08, 2010 – Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee map

Knoxville, Tennessee is such an awesome city!  We didn’t stay too long, but we did do a lot of driving around and exploring some of the awesome free detours such as the World’s Fair Sunsphere and the World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube.  As everywhere else we visited in Tennessee, there was lots of music to enjoy!

“The possible dream
Finale of seem
The moment that some call eternal that some call insane
Now helmets on each head awaiting the first lead
The pageant is named the pencil rain

The infantry stands
And holds out its hands
The marshal’s binoculars focus and skyward they train
They’re searching the yonder blue
They look out for number two
The heraldry of the pencil rain

And now hear the roar that none can ignore
The thunderous clatter of splintering wood and lives that are claimed
And none who have witnessed all
Can think of a nobler cause than perishing in the pencil rain
The pencil rain”

Knoxville, TennesseeKnoxville, TennesseeTravels With SonnyKnoxville, Tennessee

The Sunsphere in Knoxville was built for the 1982 World’s Fair and it was so fun to see!  We actually went up into the sphere and, although I was terrified of the heights, it was a most wonderful view.
Knoxville, TennesseeKnoxville, Tennessee

Yay for the World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube!  Also created for the 1982 World’s Fair.  As Sonny has been obsessed with solving Rubik’s Cubes for years, we definitely had to put this on our list to see.  :)
Knoxville, Tennessee RubikKnoxville, Tennessee Rubik

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