Sioux Falls, South Dakota

August 26, 2010 – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sioux Falls, South Dakota map

Sioux Falls was the first city we visited in South Dakota.  And what a great city to introduce us to this incredible state.  We only stayed in this town for about an hour, and it was the most beautiful summer day.  Sioux Falls is actually the largest city in South Dakota, which was really surprising.  I don’t know about you, but I would fancy living closer to the west side of the state and all of the natural (and man-made) wonders that are hanging out over there.

The firs thing we visited on our list was USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial.  Interesting concept!  Wish there was more to it, but it was a nice pleasant day, which turned into a nice pleasant walk and exploration.

USS South Dakota Battleship MemorialUSS South Dakota Battleship MemorialUSS South Dakota Battleship MemorialUSS South Dakota Battleship MemorialUSS South Dakota Battleship Memorial

We found a yellow submarine in the downtown area!  They had sculptures created by local artists on each corner and when we saw this lovely Beatles sculpture, Sonny had to stop and give his thumbs up.  :)

Sioux Falls, South DakotaSioux Falls, South Dakota

Falls Park in Sioux Falls was a great little park!  Loved spending time here taking a walk around the falls with Sonny.  But the main thing I remember about this park was…  I dropped my camera while walking one of the trails and broke the lens that was attached.  The abridged version of what that means is that only two days into out 17 day road trip I had no general lens!  So off to Best Buy we went right after.  =/

Falls Park, South DakotaTravels With SonnyFalls Park, South DakotaFalls Park, South DakotaFalls Park, South Dakota

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