Duluth, Minnesota

August 30, 2010 – Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth, Minnesota map

Could we have possibly experienced a more gorgeous incredible sunrise than we did on the morning we explored Duluth, Minnesota?  I think not!  We left our hotel about 15 minutes before the first hint of sunrise, and arrived at the Aerial Lift Bridge and two lighthouses so we could watch the sunrise.  And watch we did!  We fell in love with Duluth, and I’m thinking mainly it was because of the beauty we viewed in the first half hour of this morning.

Before we left on this road trip of Lakes and Lighthouses, when we mentioned to people that the highest point in the country we were visiting would be Duluth, Minnesota everyone gave us such a pathetic look.  Apparently Duluth has a terrible reputation around here for the most boring town that exists…  In Oklahoma it has that reputation.  I don’t know why, we loved it!  But of course, we didn’t do much more than view the lighthouses, but hey.  Any town with a lighthouse in our books is immediately awesome and more fun than Oklahoma!  ;)

Duluth, Minnesota Bridge

Below is the Duluth South Breakwater Outer Lighthouse.  So in love!  Swoon.

Travels With SonnyDuluth, Minnesota Lighthouse

Below is the Duluth Harbor North Breakwater Lighthouse.

Duluth, Minnesota LighthouseDuluth, MinnesotaDuluth, MinnesotaDuluth, Minnesota LighthouseDuluth, Minnesota Lighthouse

Luckily in the short time we were here, we were able to see the Aerial Lift Bridge in actual!  It was way too exciting for two twenty year olds before 7:00am on a weekday…  But we’re weirdos like that, and we’re okay with it!  ;)

Duluth, Minnesota BridgeDuluth, Minnesota BridgeDuluth, Minnesota Bridge

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