Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

August 31, 2010 – Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin map

We spent about three full days exploring Door County in Wisconsin.  We could’ve spent weeks.  We enjoyed ourselves and the sights so much!  Sturgeon Bay was probably our favorite town in Door County that we visited.  There was just so much to see and do!

We started by exploring Potawatomi State Park.  Terrific place!  Loved climbing the 75 foot tower to see the views from on high.  Even though I am terrified of heights, and needed to climb back down as soon as I got to the top.

Potawatomi State Park signPotawatomi State Park towerPotawatomi State ParkPotawatomi State ParkPotawatomi State ParkPotawatomi State Park

Our favorite park in Wisconsin was definitely Cave Point County Park.  Such an amazing place!  Apparently it’s frequently overlooked because it’s just a “county” park and not a state or national park.  But, it is beyond terrific and I recommend it to everyone.  Just so unique!  The crashing waves hitting the rocks and cave make the most amazing sounds and we just hadn’t seen anything like it before.

Cave Point County ParkCave Point County Park deerCave Point County ParkCave Point County ParkCave Point County ParkTravels With SonnyCave Point County ParkCave Point County ParkSturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

One of our first lighthouses we saw was the Sherwood Point Lighthouse.  So cute!  I’m especially fond of lighthouses that are a part of an actual brick house like this.  I can’t remember if a museum was housed in this particular lighthouse, but in any case we weren’t able to tour the inside of any lighthouses on our trips.  The museums always seemed to be too expensive and/or open at times we weren’t visiting, etc.

Sherwood Point LighthouseSherwood Point LighthouseSherwood Point Lighthouse

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