Fish Creek, Wisconsin


Fish Creek, Wisconsin

We loved this incredibly beautiful part of the state.  We could definitely spend days just hiking and swimming and exploring.  In Fish Creek, Wisconsin we visited Peninsula State Park and Newport State Park.  We also visited a few shops, including this really awesome Irish shop that had a resident dog that followed me around looking sweet.  And had the best wood-fired pizza at the Wild Tomato.  Sonny keeps mentioning he would walk back to Fish Creek in order to have another slice of that pizza.  :)

Here comes the dirt bike
Beware of the dirt bike
Because I hear they’re coming to our town
They’ve got plans for everyone
And now I hear they’re over their sophomore jinx, so you had better check it out

All hail the dirt bike
Philosopher dirt bike
Silence as we gathered round
We saw the word and were on our way
Now it’s

Brain washing dirt bike
Ground shaking dirt bike
Mind bending dirt bike
In control

Soul crushing dirt bike
Self propelled dirt bike
You see I never thought I’d understand
‘Til that bike took me by the hand
Now I ride

Peninsula State Park signPeninsula State ParkTravels With SonnyFish Creek, WisconsinFish Creek, WisconsinFish Creek, WisconsinPeninsula State ParkFish Creek, WisconsinFish Creek, WisconsinFish Creek, WisconsinFish Creek, WisconsinFish Creek, WisconsinNewport State Park signNewport State Park

I so have to put my feet in the water every time we visit another park!  Sonny thinks I’m silly, but I think my feet should get to visit each new body of water I get to see.  :)

Fish Creek, WisconsinFish Creek, WisconsinFish Creek, WisconsinFish Creek, Wisconsin

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