Monument Rocks – Grinnel, KS

August 26, 2011 – Monument Rocks – Grinnel, Kansas


We found out about Monument Rocks in Grinnel, Kansas while perusing for things to do on the Roadside America website.  That has to be one of my top three favorite travel planning websites, as they have so many quirky attractions and stellar tips and tricks to make sure your visit is the best possible.  It is about a half-hour’s detour from the main highway between Salina and Goodland, and that’s just beecause it’s basically all dirt back-roads you drive on.  But it’s fairly easy to find, due to the helpful signs every mile or so to let you know you’re heading the right direction.

Once you start to near Monument Rocks, you feel like you’re in an entirely different state. The rocks are ginormous and majestic, it’s quite otherworldly to find in the middle of the Kansas plains.  Absolutely worth every minute of the detour!  This was such an awesome way to start out our Westward Tourain roadtrip.


We also found this crazy sweet abandoned house on the drive toward Monument Rocks.  It was completely empty and forlorn.  I would love for something like this to be closer to home for impromptu photo shoots!  It’s just gorgeous!


Cows!  We found cows everywhere around here, just wandering around free and happy as larks.  While we were passing by a particularily large herd, Sonny stopped the car so I could take a few photos and there was one brave cow just walked straight up to the car to say hi.  Cracked us up how adventurous he was!


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