Renaissance Festival – Muskogee, OK

May 29, 2011 – Renaissance Festival – Muskogee, Oklahoma


We finally visited the Renaissance Festival in Muskogee!  I’ve wanted to go for years but we’ve put it off since, unlike the Medieval Fair in Norman which is free, it costs about $15 a ticket.  But, it was so crazy worth it!  We’ve been to the Medieval Fair every year for the past five or six, so we weren’t sure if we’d find anything vastly different or worthwhile.  But now.  The Norman fair is ruined for me, and I think I’ll just bug Sonny into taking me to Muskogee each May.  They had so much more to see and do, and the shops and eateries were plenty.  And we chose a great day to visit, the weather was so pleasant.  Can’t wait to go back in the future!


We only had a few bucks to spend after buying tickets, so Sonny chose steak chunks (such a boy thing to choose, amiright?) and I got a Yumtown cherry snowcone.


Our favorite part of the whole Renaissance Festival was the performance put on by Tribal Circus!  They were outstanding.  They juggled fire, played music, did incredible aerial acrobatics, and lots of other wonders.  And they were hilarious and so much fun.  We actually watched their performance twice this day because we couldn’t get enough.


We also loved watching the raptor show, put on by the Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey who are located in Oklahoma.  It was incredible to see these birds up close; they were so gorgeous.  They talked about each bird’s history and habits, and some of them flew from one trainer’s arm to another. It was definitely quite a sight.


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